September 2016 Statistics

Is the bubble bursting? There are signs from our latest Great Vancouver statistics as well as the up and coming mortgage qualifying changes that our market is in the direction of a correction.

There is a significant difference in the price spread between condos and single family homes which has been growing further apart at a speedy rate without much increase to the average salaries. That said, price adjustments can be a good thing.

There is always positive news in any adjusting market so do call us for advice on what to do! Never fear, there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel.

We chose to post the North Shore 1 yr, 3 yr & 5 yr changes simply because it's where we live. For more information about another Metro Vancouver area, please contact us directly.


Detached Homes Benchmark Price $1,663,000
1yr up 37.2%
3yr up 74.1%
5yr up 81.7%

Townhouse Benchmark Price $878,600
1yr up 33.3%
3yr up 51.8%
5yr up 52.3%

Apartments Benchmark Price $467,100
1yr up 21.5%
3yr up 29.9%
5yr up 32.7%


Detached Homes Benchmark Price $3,363,700
1yr up 36.5%
3yr up 81.1%
5yr up 89.2%

Apartments Benchmark Price $906,700
1yr up 31.7%
3yr up 47.0%
5yr up 44.7%