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9 Government Grants and Rebates - Housing

Posted on Mar 27, 2023

1. Home Buyers’ Plan
Qualifying home buyers can withdraw up to $35,000 (couples up to $70,000) from their RRSPs for a down payment. Must repay within 15 years. Eligibility to use the program a second time: home buyers who’ve experienced a breakdown in their marriage/common-law partnership and those who have repaid their RRSP. Can be used together wi...

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February 2023 Monthly Update

Posted on Mar 07, 2023

The Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver (REBGV) reports that residential home sales in the region totalled 1,808 in February 2023, a 47.2% decrease from the 3,424 sales recorded in February 2022.

So what does Andrew Lis say? He is REBGV’s director, economics and data analytics.

"It’s hard to sell what you don’t have, and with new listing activity...

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January 2023 Market Update

Posted on Feb 16, 2023

Real Estate...Now, really??!! Hmmmm...

People tend to buy Real Estate when everyone else is, we're not kidding,
they buy so fast it will make your head spin. They take risks, subject
free and jump in. On the flip side they hold off buying when everyone else

How is this a good idea to buy Real Estate when prices are going up and a
bad time to buy when...

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January 2021 Market Update

Posted on Feb 19, 2021

Alright, lets face it, most people do NOT care about what is happening in the Greater Vancouver Real Estate Market (besides us). What they CARE about is "what is happening in their own neighborhoods or where their investment is."
We’re going to explain what's happening generally anyway, in layman's terms. Historically low interest rates (we have ne...

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2020 Is A Wrap - What A Year.

Posted on Jan 06, 2021

What a year is an understatement.  Let's have an overview of the market, here's what happened.

December continued the strong activity in Greater Vancouver 2020 home sales. Record sales were reported in the region with 2020 sales with a 53.4% increase over 2019. Why December?  This is usually our slowest time of the year.
COVID hit in March which is typ...

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November Monthly Update

Posted on Dec 02, 2020

Home buyer demand have been at record levels in the Metro Vancouver area since the summer. Housing demand continues to outpace historical averages. November sales were over 3000 units for the 1st time since 2015, this is a 22.7% increase over last year.

November 2020 sales - 3064
November 2019 sales - 2498

The total number of homes for sale is lagging...

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