North Shore Booming In Real Estate Sales

It's often tough for Lara Regan & I (and colleagues in our real estate industry)..... to explain how busy the market is. Until you get out there, start looking & bidding.

Around October last year we had an offer of $850,000 on our clients home in Central Londsdale, NOT listed, and on a 33ft x 120ft lot. Lucky for her.....she turned it down. They came back to us with $950,000 4 months later, wow. She still isn't selling although those are some impressive numbers. 4 years previous to that the sellers on that very same home could not even get $720,000.

January 2015 started with a boom of sales in North Vancouver & Greater Vancouver, hitting historical highs. Lara & I listed 2 land only properties on West Windsor,(Delbrook) at fair market value $950,000. We didn't expect to get 10 offers on each. Each sold for $975,000

Single family homes are going fast and condo's are catching up again once more. Have a look at this article as it is exactly what's happening in our quaint little north shore. It's big business.

The best investment for your money is the North Shore.....while it's still "affordable!"