2013 Yearly Overview

2013 Yearly Overview - Stability in the Greater Vancouver Housing Market

The Greater Vancouver housing market maintained a consistent balance between supply and demand throughout 2013.

The total sales reported with the Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver of detached, attached and apartment properties were up 14% from 2012 and down 11.9% compared to 2011.

Although home sales quietly improved last year we didn't experience the volume of activity compared to some of the record breaking years.

Last years home sale total ranks as the 3rd lowest annual total for the region in the last 10yrs according to the MLS (Multiple Listing System).

Although last years listing count is on par with the 10yr average the number of properties listed in 2013 were down 6.2% compared to 2012.

December Residential Property sales in Greater Vancouver increased 71% over 2012 at the same time new listings for detached, attached and apartments were up 34.5%.

Sales for detached properties in December 2013 increased by 79.3%.
Sales for apartment properties increased 68.7%.
Sales for attached (townhomes) increased 60.1%

North Vancouver Stats:

Detached Home Benchmark $949,300
1 yr change 4.5%
3 yr change 12.6%
5 yr change 14.3%

Townhouse Benchmark $577,000
1 yr change 1.9%
3 yr change 5.3%
5 yr change 10.3%

Apartments Benchmark $349,200
1 yr change 3.0%
3 yr change 2.5%
5 yr change 13.0%

West Vancouver Stats:

Detached Home Benchmark $1,920,900
1yr change 8.0%
3yr change 28.3%
5yr change 51.0%

Apartments Benchmark $588,100
1yr change 0.9%
3yr change -5.9%
5yr change 4.0%